EXIDE’s traction batteries for hazardous areas are compatible with the conditions that are specified by EC-guidelines 1999/92 (ATEX 137) “user guideline” and EC 94/9 (atex 95). EXIDE ATEX batteries can be used in sensitive areas with high level safety. The newly developed trays are characterized by effective ventilation robust construction and compact design.

  • EXIDE ATEX batteries fulfill the ATEX directive 94/9EC completely.
  • The compact design of the tray makes it possible to install the same battery capacities as in non explosion proof applications.
  • Special batteries are also possible within the design constrains of ATEX.
  • ATEX batteries are available in single, double or multi tray arrangements.
  • Available in the versions: L (DİN; EPzS; EPzV; CSM) and E (BS; EPzB; EPzV/BS) according to IEC 254-2
  • The specially developed tray air ventilation prevents a dangerous concentration of hydrogen at the surface of the cells.
  • The tray with a lid fulfils the requirement to protection class IP23 and has an effective ventilation system.