Exide Marathon Aqua

Minimum maintenance - maximum efficiency If you ask for extended watering intervals to the maximum MARATHON Aqua is the right choice. Based on the proven and reliable tubular plate this technology is a further development of this battery type with extremely low maintenance and operational costs. For all capacities water refilling intervals can be extended up to 200 cycles for this range. The new cell construction, with low height plates results allows an extended electrolyte reserve. In addition the low antimony alloy in combination with an optimized charging regime results in a reduced water loss during charging procedures. All these specific characteristics are extremly extending the watering intervals which significantly improves operational profitability.

  • Special low antimony alloy and high electrolyte content for minimum maintenance and maximum reliability
  • Reduced water loss due to optimized charging regime
  • Extended watering intervals from 30 weeks (150 cycles) up to 40 weeks (200 cycles)
  • Long watering intervals during the whole service life (no poisoning of negative plates)
  • Proven PzS technology (tubular plates) guarantees long durability
  • Electrolyte level sensor and automatic watering system as standard