Exide Marathon Excell

Low maintenance - water and energy saving The successful development of MARATHON Excell from GNB¨ Industrial Power results in a battery concept, which is impressive because of excellent reliability and minimal service routine. Extended watering intervals (up to 120 days), the service requirements and operational costs of this range are reduced to a minimum.

  • Special low antimony alloy for minimum maintenance and maximum reliability
  • Reduced water loss due to optimized charging regime
  • Extended watering intervals from 16 weeks (80 cycles) up to 24 weeks (120 cycles)
  • Long watering intervals during the whole service life (no poisoning of negative plates
  • Proven PzS technology (tubular plates) guarantees long durability 
  • Good suitability even for heavy duty applications 
  • Electrolyte level sensor and automatic watering system as standard 
  • Exceptional cell diversity for all application areas
  • DIN EPzS and BS EPzB cell sizes