FlexCharger Lightning

Now, you can confidently charge all USB chargeable mobile devices such as cell phones, blue tooth headphones in your vehicle and benefit from Flexcharger's flexible connector to provide easier access.

Due to flexible USB connection cable protects against breakage and damage.

Lightning Cable

This product comes with Lightning Cable.

Apple MFi Approved Product

Apple Inc.'s MFi Program is the name given to its licensing program for developers of hardware and software peripherals. With this license of production, the manufacturer legally obtains the right to manufacture and use the Lightning cable, Powerbank and various Apple connectors developed for all Apple products, in their own applications.

The manufacturers who paticipated in the MFi program and pass the certification tests only are legally able to display certain MFi-related logos such as "Made for iPhone/iPod/iPad" on their product packaging. The products which don’t carry the original MFi logo are not originally approved by Apple and the use of these products may cause harm to your iDevices.

Tuncmatik posseses the MFi program certification and allows you to use all your Apple products safely with it’s wide range of products.