Consumer Energy Solutions

Newtech Pro 3 kVA

Real double conversion online technology

Online UPSs are an ideal choice especially for computers and other sensitive equipment. Online UPS completely isolates your equipment from the mains, charges its batteries from mains power and by using kinds of filters, supplies connected loads with power. As a result all unwanted conditions that may occur in mains are filtered by online UPS and your sensitive equipment is supplied with clean energy.

Real sine wave output

Fully compatible with all kinds of equipment. Ideal for medical and critical applications.

Multi Function Buttons

208/220/230/240 VAC Selectable Output Voltage
50/60 Hz Frequency Converter Mode
ECO Mode (High Energy Savings)
EPO - Emergency Power Off
Programmable Output

Multi function, easy to read LCD panel

Everything is under control with multi function, easy to read LCD panel. New advanced LCD panel shows functions, input and output readings, and alarms.

6 Pcs 12V/7Ah Battery