Powernote Mobile Micro 90W USB

You paid a lot of Money for your notebook and it is one of your best fellow worker. Who would you trust with it? You need a reliable adaptor for reliable notebook usage. You need a reliable adaptor for reliable notebook usage. High quality Tuncmatik adaptors are a result of 45 years experience in power electronics. We recommend you Tuncmatik brand adaptors that we export hundreds thousands of them to 14 countries each year. When you are buying a new notebook please do not forget to buy a Tuncmatik Notebook Adapter with it.

Compact and stylish design!

Easy to carry, convenient,
ideal for traveling.

Very useful...

Supplys power to laptops, tablet PC, MP3 and MP4
players, digital cameras and other USB equipment on all
vehicles that have 12V lighter socket.

8 Different Connectors

Compatible with Laptop, Notebook and Ultrabook models with
8 different connectors.

Automatic Voltage Adjustment

Automatic Voltage Adjustment: Provide correct voltage for your laptop without manual settings; fast, secure and simple.