Consumer Energy Solutions

Reguline Pro 2000 VA

Mini regulator Reguline Pro protects your white appliances and electrical equipment, provides a safe operating condition. Especially the voltage fluctuations that occur during winter time can cause your white appliances and equipment to fail or give error messages. In such cases Reguline Pro will help you.

- 3 minutes delay function for white appliances

- Compact design

- Automatic voltage regulation

- 140-260V Wide voltage range

- Voltage display

- CPU digital control

- Non-flammable plastic body

- Short circuit protection

- Overload protection with thermal fuse

- Low / high voltage protection

- Overheat protection

Protection technology against overheating
due heat sensor inside the transformer windings.

The Principle of Operation

REGULINE series regulators are microprocessor controlled, sensitive voltage regulators which monitor utility mains voltage and maintain the voltage for electronic devices at risk-free tolerance limits of 220V±%10. When mains voltage goes beyond the tolerance limits of 220V ±%10 then it reduces the voltage if mains voltage is high and vice-versa. If the mains voltage is very low or very high, in that regulation can not be performed then the output will be disconnected just in order to protect the connected loads (for instance, in the case of mains voltage raising upto 300V).