Sonnenschein EPzV Series (DIN)

The dryfit EPzV series is suitable for all warehousing applications. It can be used in forklift trucks, cleaning machines and electric road vehicles. Due to its high operational safety, this model is particularly suitable for applications in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry

  • Maintenance-free, valve regulated cells with electrolytefixed in gel.
  • Maintenance-free, (no topping up) during the whole servicelife due to the Sonnenschein dryfit technology
  • No contamination or corrosion due to leaking electrolytes
  • Very low self discharging
  • Extremely low gassing during operation
  • Option: explosion-proof version (ATEX)
  • Can be recycled
  • Manufactured in accordance with EN ISO 9001
  • Available in DIN sizes according to EN 60254-2, IEC 254-2Special features for batteries up to 15kWh
  • 80% depth of discharge possible up to 15kWh
  • Intermediate recharge permissible
  • Fast charge possible